BASIX Building Sustainability Index Assessments

What is BASIX?
BASIX is the NSW minimum standard for buildings in terms of water, thermal comfort and energy efficiency. A BASIX Certificate forms part of the documentation required for building and development submissions to council. BASIX Certificates are submitted at the DA stage for project approvals and are also required at CC and final inspection stages. This applies to Wollongong, Sydney and all NSW areas, and for all types of Residential developments including new homes, dual occupancies, and multi-dwelling units and apartments.

Our BASIX Assessment Services:

-   Multi-dwelling/apartment BASIX certification
-   Single dwelling BASIX certificates
-   ABSA/NatHERS energy rating certification
-   Advise & Recommendations

BASIX is also mandatory in NSW for Alterations and Additions if:

- your renovation work is valued at $50,000 or more
- you are installing a swimming pool/spa with a capacity of 40,000 Ltrs or more.

BASIX Certificates are generated online using the website owned and maintained by the NSW Government, Department of Planning and Infrastructure. We have worked on many types of developments and building projects concerning the BASIX assessment program. We also offer use of the “Simulation Method” (NatHERS) for input into BASIX where required or where beneficial.
GreenForm is experienced with BASIX. Our certificates can be based on the requirements to pass the current BASIX target figures for compliance, to achieve the most practical and cost effective solutions for our clients and their projects. To find out more contact us today.
Basix for NSW
NSW: We recommend using NatHERS for the thermal section of BASIX to increase building design flexibility and reduce construction costs of complying with BASIX alone.
BASIX applies to local areas in Shellharbour, Wollongong, Sydney and all NSW locations.