Fireproof Downlight Covers

Fireproof Downlight Covers 

Fireproof Downlight Covers
Fire Proof Downlight Covers are designed to reinstate the thermal performance of ceilings from recessed downlight penetrations. They fire rate the ceiling and allow continuous insulation which improves energy efficiency, acoustics and reduces fire hazards.

Downlights require clearance from insulation and in a ceiling with just 5% gaps the effective R-value of the remaining ceiling insulation is halved. Fireproof downlight covers can be in contact with the insulation, maintaining the ceiling R-value for better thermal performance and lower power bills.
Downlight Cover Dimensions
The benefits of fire proof downlight covers include:
  • 2 hr fire rating
  • Easy to install- fit from beneath the ceiling
  • Full ceiling insulation cover
  • Improves building thermal performance
  • Accommodates light and transformer
  • Cost effective
Covers can be ventilated or unventilated and to determine compatibility, your light manufacturer's specifications should be checked. The covers are made from an intumescent material which in the event of a fire, expands and seals off the ceiling and ventilation holes extinguishing the fire. Known compatible light manufacturers include; BrightGreen, iGlobe, Melec, Sylvania SLA, and UGE.

Products Available: (see diagram above)
DOWMIT03- (ventilated) $13.95
DOWMIT02- (unventilated) $18.98
DOWMIT04- (unventilated) $22.18

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