Mandatory Disclosure
Properties being advertised for sale or lease in the ACT need to disclose to prospective purchasers the energy efficiency performance of their dwelling. It is expressed as a figure such as "EER 5.0", on a scale of 0-6 (0-10 for new dwellings), and indicates how well the building has been designed and built for thermal performance.
ACT Mandatory Disclosure
To find out if your property needs an energy rating carried out, whether existing plans are available, or a site measure up is required, please see the pdf guide to the right "ACT_Mand_Disclosure.pdf".
Mandaotory Disclosure Site Measure Up
GreenForm Energy has a Class A licence for operating in the ACT, not Class B, which allows us to perform assessments from on-site inspections for properties that don’t have existing plans.
Our Mandatory Disclosure services are suitable for:
- Real Estate Agents: We provide energy efficiency rating’s from plans and/or on-site inspections. Graphic site and floor plans can also be provided as part of the service for use in sales and marketing campaigns.
- Real Estate Photographers and Floorplan Artists: Floor plan illustrations are often associated with photography. We can collaborate with photographers and floorplan artists to generate plans and energy efficiency ratings to facilitate offering packaged services.
- Building Inspectors: We provide energy efficiency rating’s based on site inspections and/or building plans to building inspectors to offer home owners and prospective buyers a one-stop service.

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Mandatory Disclosure currently applies only to the ACT, however eventually it will become Australia wide.