Off-grid housing refers to houses that are designed to allow occupants to live autonomously and without reliance on one or more public utilities. They can be self sufficient in terms of water, power, sewer, gas, or other services.
It is an exciting time for off-grid housing as all the technology required to power the modern day house of today now exists on a domestic scale meaning it has never been easier to go off-grid. The benefits of zero utility bills and complete control over your own systems and services is a great concept and  GreenForm is proud to be offering services to help clients achieve their dreams to take their homes off-grid.

Our Off-Grid Service Advantage:

GreenForm offers a service to take your dream home, or existing home, completely off-grid. The fundamental difference in our service is Accuracy. Instead of applying generic formula's and assumptions which results in oversized and expensive systems and specifications, we fully analyse, design and specifiy custom systems and specifications for every individual project. This saves on upfront costs and ensure a more energy efficient house into the future.

We fully model your home and design and specify all its systems such as HVAC, lighting, appliances etc so that all elements are optimised to work in synergy together. By doing this we reduce the size of systems (upfront cost savings) and therefore for the running energy consumption. This in turn reduces the size of the solar panel and battery system required.
The whole house is considered and nothing is treated in isolation which clearly show benefits in a run-along effect. Essentially our accuracy means that we develop systems that in comparison to other providers save our customers thousands of dollars upfront and many more thousands into the future.

The Off-Grid Design Process

The complete analysis, design and specification process for an off-grid home will generally involve the following steps:
- Initial project brief (assessment of existing power bills, new building plans, etc)
- Details computer thermal analysis and optimisation
- Detailed sizing of plant and equipment
- Ancillary items- lighting, appliances, whole of house modelling for real life energy consumption.
- Simulate solar power generation and/or battery storage system
- Design and specification complete for off-grid home
GreenForm is a business that greatly believes in sustainability and self-reliance. We have years of experience that have culminated to make this service possible and we'd love to be involved with your project. To find out more please contact us today.
-   Building Thermal Performance Simulation
-   Size plant and equipment (HVAC, HWS, etc)
-   Design PV Solar Panel & Battery bank system
-   Real life house energy consumption analysis

-   Fully integrated system design & specification