Sheeps Wool Insulation

Sheeps Wool

Sheeps Wool Insulation
Natural Sheeps Wool Insulation

Shorn straight from sheep, Wool is one of the most environmentally friendly bulk insulation products available.

Made of 80% pure sheep’s wool and 20% polyester, the insulation is excellent for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs.
Natural Sheeps Wool Insulation
The benefits of this ultimate renewable resource include:
  • Supports Australian industry and agriculture
  • Very low embodied energy
  • Superior choice for healthy, natural homes
  • No protective equipment required for installation
Sheep's wool insulation also has a longer life span than other insulation materials and will not sag in the wall cavity over time as glasswool does. In fact sheep's wool, once installed, actually performs at a higher R-value than its specified rating because of it's ability to absorb and release moisture.
Acoustics: Sheep's wool's excellent thermal characteristics are also complemented by its outstanding acoustic properties. It is used by acoustic engineers, home theatre builders and in other applications where quality sound absorption and acoustic control is paramount.
Sheeps Wool Batts
Products Available:
  • 430mm batts; R2.0 - 4.0  (coverage 6.8m2/pack)
  • 580mm batts; R2.0 - 4.0 (coverage 9.0m2/pack)
  • Roof Blanket; R2.0 - 2.5 (coverage 18.0m2/roll)

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