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Condensation calculations

Buildings are becoming more energy efficient with tighter building fabrics to prevent uncontrolled air-infiltration. These higher performance building fabrics can potentially trap air and moisture within their construction eg inside a wall cavity and result in mould and bacteria creating sick building syndrome. Buildings must have adequate air-flow and ventilation to prevent these issues inside the building, but also have floors, walls and roofs constructed smartly to avoid these problems within wall cavities and other constructions. Below is a snapshot of condensation calculations for a brick cavity wall in a cool temperate climate:
GreenForm can help with condensation calculations. This models the building construction and simulates weather data for the buildings location to ensure none of the layers through the building element drops below the due point on any surface. This ensure the building construction will remain dry and maintain healthy air and building elements.

overshadowing DIAGRAMS & shading anaLYsis

Councils generally require overshadowing and shading diagrams for new building projects to assess the effect of overshadowing on surrounding properties. GreenForm can provide these diagrams as part of your plan set application to council. All that is required is a set of architectural plans or cad files. For more information please contact us today.