Stainless Steel Rain Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Rain Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Rain Water Tank
Stainless steel is a premium product of unsurpassed quality and is the material of choice for holding our most precious resource- Water.

Rain water tanks made from 304 grade stainless steel are durable, look amazing and provide the purest water storage available.
316 marine grade stainless steel is also available to hold water in the most extreme corrosive environments.
Commercial Stainless Steel Water Tank
The benefits of stainless steel rain water tanks include:
  • Strong, durable
  • Purest water storage available
  • Huge lifespans
  • A look of exceptional quality
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easily repaired
  • Less embodied energy than plastic/concrete tanks
There are a range of different styles available and tanks can be custom made as well. Suitable for all applications, stainless steel is the best water storage option for your development project or property, and the environment. Stainless steel's high recycling rate and extreme longevity make it the least polluting material of all rainwater tanks available. Good for you, and the environment.
Stainless steel tanks can cost approx. 25-30% more than steel tanks, however this is marginal in comparison to the difference in lifespan, with stainless being the cheapest over the long term. Delivery is always a cost consideration over long distances, however most manufacturers will deliver to areas within a large radius from their factory. There are manufacturers in Geelong VIC, Wollongong/Sydney NSW, QLD and TAS.

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We now produce stainless steel rainwater tanks under our brand EcoBright Tanks from our factory in Geelong, Victoria (VIC).

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