EMF Radiation Audits

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Do you want to improve your home or your workplace to be energy efficiency? Or thermally comfortable? Or even radiation free for a healthy living and working environment?
GreenForm shares all these interests and offers services to help our clients design and build the very best homes and buildings possible, for people, and the environment.

Electromagnetic Radiation Audits

In the ever increasing electrical and wireless world of today, radiation protection is becoming more and more critical as people are exposed to ever increasing levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation (EMR) from electricity and power grids, communication signals, wireless technology, and other electromagnetic fields and radiation.

Research in this field is gathering momentum and stronger links between exposure to EMF and various health effects are constantly being made. It is the next big epidemic that will come to explain many modern day health problems such as cancer, headaches, poor sleep patterns, behavioural problems, etc. It is imperative that we look after our bodies and with the right advice people have the power to turn their home into a healthy place for living.

Sources of EMF:
  • Electric Fields- produced by voltage in electricity cables, power lines, etc. The voltage in the line produces electric fields which affect the natural electrical state of the human body.Magnetic Fields- produced by
  • Magnetic Fields- produced by current in electricity cables, power lines, etc. The size of the current determines the size and strength of the magnetic field.
  • Radiation- produced by higher frequency devices such as telecommunications, microwaves, wifi, etc.



GreenForm offers services to help our clients to achieve radiation free living. This can be done in the planning stage of a new home, or by optimising an existing house.
For a healthy EMF free home, shielding and protection is required against the above sources of EMF. GreenForm can assess your house and can offer advise on numerous methods of protection which may include:

  • Shielding Paint
  • Shielding Mesh
  • Shielding Blinds/Fabric
  • Circuit cut-off switches

GreenForms is a keen advocate for energy efficient, sustainable and healthy homes that are good for people and the environment. Radiation free living is a critical part of this ideal and we aim to help people design and build healthy homes to promote healthy living. For more information please contact us today.


Electromagnetic Radiation Audit Summary:

  • Analysis (Electric & magnetic fields, radiation)
  • Shielding & protection design
  • Healthy radiation free living
  • Solutions & optimisation report