Energy Audits

Building Audits & Consultation

Do you want to improve your home or your workplace to be energy efficiency? Or thermally comfortable? Or even radiation free for a healthy living and working environment?
GreenForm shares all these interests and offers services to help our clients design and build the very best homes and buildings possible, for people, and the environment.

Energy Audits

Is your house too hot in summer or cold in winter? Would you like your power bills to be reduced? GreenForm can show you how to make your house more energy efficient and reduce your power bills with our in-home building energy audit service.

GreenForms conducts in-home assessments that are fully customised to your property to produce specific results and recommendations for your individual home.


Our simple process requires two steps:
1) Provide; a copy of house plans, and full year of utility bills.
2) Schedule a site inspection date/time.
Contact us today to arrange your audit.

To find the best solutions for your home we look at a range of options including; window films/coatings, shading devices, interior fittings, insulation, draft sealing, cladding, landscaping, downlight covers, lighting, water efficient fittings, appliance efficiency, floor plan zoning, etc. It is a comprehensive assessment designed to cover all options and to produce cost effective solutions.

Energy Audit Summary:

  • Building fabric & design optimisation
  • Appliances & systems
  • Reduce power bills
  • Solutions and optimisation report