Terms and conditions

GreenForm Energy undertakes services for its clients based on the following standard Terms & Conditions:

1)   This fee proposal remains valid for 30 days from issue date. Written acceptance of the fee proposal is legaly binding and the client agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this fee proposal.

2)   Where there is insufficient information on the design documentation and a request for further information has been made but not received, additional charges may apply for resources and time spent gaining this information or working without the information. Default values, which can represent worst case scenarios, may also apply and can adversely affect ratings.

3)   If a certifier finds any inconsistency between the documentation and the final build, they may request a revised reports/certificates. Further services after certification are subject to re-quote or an hourly rate.

4)   Reports on works undertaken are issued to clients initially in a draft format. The final certified and stamped reports will be issued on receival of payment for services and not prior to this.

5)   Invoices must be settled within, 7 days of being issued or post draft reports being issued. For monies unpaid by the due date, the debtor is liable for the debt collection costs, time and legal costs incurred for the purpose of collection.

6)   Full payment of the above fee proposal must be made within 1 calendar month of the fee proposal acceptance date if client delays have led to the quoted services not being completed by this stage, or, if the assessment has been completed to draft stage, within 7 days of the draft report being issued. In addition, if further work needs to be carried out after the 1 month has lapsed, it will be subject to a re-quote or hourly rate according to assessor’s discretion.

7)   Where fee proposals are accepted in writing and later withdrawn, the client will be liable for any works and time logged on the project at the hourly rate  specinswfied in these terms and conditions, up to but not over the quoted amount in the fee proposal accepted.

8)   The fee proposal covers work directly related to the assessment or compliance method nominated in the fee proposal. The scope of works excludes testing of changes or alternatives to the building design or any simulation modelling other than that required by the relevant energy efficiency compliance regulation. If additional services or an alternative path of compliance is required for the subject project, additional charges will apply for this work. This will be included in the final invoice requested in the form of a variation.

9)   All reports/certificates produced for regulatory purposes, and their associated costs, are an additional cost to assessment services and those costs will be passed on in full to the client.

10)   Additional or expanded assessment works are undertaken at hourly rates based on $80/hr + GST for residential related work, and $150/hr + GST for commercial related work. Meetings/Call-outs are $185 + GST for the first hour and $150 + GST for each additional hour.